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CCIG is a ground-up development construction company developing hotels and to build premium brands for and typically under the Marriott, Hilton, IHG, partnership.

Throughout the development process, CCIG achieves superior execution by assembling the right partnership and by orchestrating each aspect of the process from conception through asset disposition. The Company draws upon its extensive network of collaboration with a years-long relationship with sub-contractor. Once a site is under control, the Company assembles and coordinates the due diligence team, including, engineering, testing, construction estimating/budgeting, management. The Company draws upon its historical database for budgeting development costs and operating projections, which are always supported by an independent, third-party market analysis. Additionally, CCIG has own in house architect, interior designer, as coordinated by the company. The Company then selects and coordinates the efforts of the management team in conjunction with the subcontractor through the pre-opening phases of construction.

We do all type of commercial development including gas stations, truck stops, fast food restaurants, full service restaurants, apartment complex, shopping center, office building, mid raise office building, liquor store, grocery store, medical clinic, medical office, town home, etc.

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CCIG is a commercial construction company

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